As manufacturing company we take our social responsibility very seriously. Following that, we have developed and presented a CSR-strategy, in which we will work structured with our environmental footprint. By structuring our sustainable operations, we expect to facilitate sustainable and circular products that intents to increase the productivity and life-quality. Following that, PJ Production would like to contribute to UN Global Goal: #12 - Responsible consumption and production. Wa aim to influence and inspire collaborators and clients to purchase sustainable products and deploy responsibility in the supply chain. Let us together create a better future!


Get a more detailed, structured, and documented insight into our social initiatives in order to create a better future. 


Our CSR reports provide you with comprehensive knowledge regarding our social responsibilities.


60% of our purchases are from Asia, while the remaining 40% is from Denmark. The majority of our purchases derive from a small handful of trusted, long-term suppliers to ensure mutual respect and understanding of corporate social responsibility, - counting environment, climate, and employees. We have established a Suppliers Code of Conduct for all our significant suppliers to sign. The expectation is that 95% of the entire purchases are covered by a signed by Suppliers Code of Conduct at the end of 2018. Additionally, the amount is expected to be increased to 99% at the end of 2019, - measured upon the volume of the puchases.


All our core products are made from steel, and with suppliers in China and clients in Northern America and Australia, transport, climate, and pollution have never been more important seen from a sustainable point of view. We have during the previous year inspected the available data associated with our environmental, - and climate impact regarding the transportation of our goods. We have evaluated the emission of harmful particulates and CO2-emission from cars. Therefore, we have decided to change our objectives to find new suppliers closer to Denmark in order to minimise our CO2-emission in relation to the transportation of goods.


At PJ Production we are continuously focusing on creating a good, healthy, and evolving workplace in order to create financial and sustainable value for our collaborators, employees, and suppliers. We are taking good care of the workplace and is continuously preventing work-related injuries that our employees might have. Additionally, this is the reason why we have received the Danish Working Environment Service's green smiley. As a part of our social responsibility, we are improving our collaborators' circumstances through regulations regarding employees and human rights. 


In order to help our customers make sustainable choices, we aim to make our assortment more sustainable. We are consequently aware of making our assortment of office accessories more and more sustainable along the process. During the last year, we introduced a drawer produced in bamboo. Bamboo is the most environmentally-friendly resource for sustainability and durability. Separately looking at bamboo, it is widely perceived as an attractive alternative.. Besides new, innovative materials, we are currently educating our employees to give our collaborators and clients the most sustainable guidance when contacting PJ Production. 


In the course of the year, we have developed a climate policy, in which we pledge to continuously reduce our impact on the climate. We are currently focusing on minimizing the waste, - especially energy, in order to minimise our CO2-emission during the daily operations within the company. Our electricity use is relatively low as we reside in newly constructed buildings. We have, moreover, changed all the light bulbs to LED and installed light sensors in all relevant rooms. Lastly, we use natural gas to heat up our facilities as an extension of our social responsibilities.


Corruption is criminal and harmful to the community. At PJ Production we take our social responsibilities seriously, which is why we have developed an anti-corruption policy in order to reduce corruption. In addition, the anti-corruption is incorporated into our existing Suppliers Code of Conduct. Furthermore, during the last year, we have educated our employees on a practical level in order to give them an insight into our anti-corruption policy. Even though our employees have practical knowledge in terms of our anti-corruption policy, we intend to continue education and coaching our employees in the coming future. 


We adjust our resource consumption in relation to our production in order to optimize our resources and goals hereof. We works determinately with recyclability and separation of waste in close collaboration with our suppliers' existing policies through our Suppliers Code of Conduct. Our employees are educated within our own environment, - and climate policy. We truly believes that involved employees are more engaged regarding our activities associated with environmental, - and climate changes. All these strategically factors will create stability, insight, and understanding for the future changes. 


We are focusing on recyclability through segregation of waste in relation to our environment, - and climate policy in order to improve our value chain. As a manufacturing company we are receiving foam in relation to our delivered goods, which we reuse for own deliveries in order to optimize the life time of the foam. Furthermore, we have changed our packaging to brown cardboard boxes instead of bleached cardboard to minimise our pollution and to fulfill our own environment, - and climate policy. Lastly, we have optimized our processes by segregating wood, plastic, steel, metal scrap, and cardboard. 


PJ Production aims to facilitate the diversity in the workplace within our own organisation and for our suppliers. We support the importance of equal rights for our employee, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, and/or disabilities. PJ Production has a transparent organisational structure and short decision-making processes. We are fulfilling the international conventions in terms of diversity, but in addition to this, we want to make space for everybody unaffected by special terms and/or needs. That is our take on social responsibilities associated with diversity. 


PJ Production is an international company with big ambitions ready to optimize our collaborators' and clients' businesses, regardless of the size of the project. You can always expect to receive quality products from us, - standard products as well as specially produced products. 


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