It all began with an intention of getting parts of our assortment labelled with either the EU's own eco-label: The Flower, or the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The entire value chain collaboration gave us an understanding of sustainability, and we are now attempting to incorporate sustainability in all new initiatives at PJ Production.

PJ Production is developing, designing, and producing office accessories for the modern working environment. As a part of the project called: "Retning Business - Focusing on Value Chain Collaboration", we have focused on getting our drawers labelled with either the EU's own eco-label: The Flower, or the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. We are expecting to get a major part of our assortment labelled in year 2019. Afterward, we are expecting to get our entire assortment environmentally certified. 

We would like to support of collaborators and clients with sustainable products, - especially to those of whom that are already focusing on sustainability. 

"We will be first movers with this new sustainable initiative."
//Jesper Blaabjerg

The value chain collaboration project has started a new, creative process at PJ Production. 

The existing CSR-policy at PJ Production is already extremely ambitious, and we are continuing by optimizing our social responsibilities by creating an environmental policy. Jesper Blaabjerg informs that Rethink Business has started a new, creative process at PJ Production, which has provided the employees with a new point of the company.

Furthermore, the value chain collaboration has given PJ Production new thoughts in relation to circular economy. We have received a second opinion on our value chain collaboration, and gained our network with engaged people in different niches.

"We have inspired ourselves by doing something differently."
//Jesper Blaabjerg

Jesper is continuing be informing that the environmental policy will be more ambitious than seen previously in order to create a sustainable development with limited environmental impacts. Additionally, the consumption of ressources must be structured in order to optimize the material choices and combination of these. These initiatives is undoubtedly an advantage for PJ Production, since it will make us more competitive.

Bamboo can be a challenge

Due to the countless of advantages, we have focused on developing new products produced in bamboo. Bamboo has a period of growth on 2-4 years compared to other types of wood. Furthermore, bamboo is the most environmentally-friendly resource to sustainability and durability. Separately looking at bamboo, is is widely perceived as an attractive alternative due to its green growth, sustainable harvesting, and wood like properties. Although bamboo is very attractive, it can be challenging to get it labelled as that we had anticipated.

Bamboo is normally perceived as a tree, but bamboo is in fact a type of grass. This means that bamboo has to fulfill specific certifications, such as FSC-certification, to make sure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. For PJ Production, this development has changed our primary focus of getting our entire bamboo collection certificated as originally planned, but instead focusing on getting parts of our bamboo collection certificated.

The entire circle

All our products have a simple construction and can easily be dismantled. This means that damaged parts can easily be replaced and recycled, and the remaining parts can be either be sorted or deposited benefiting the environment.

Secondly, a take-back program will hopefully occur in the coming future, which allows our collaborator and clients to return components and/or products after the end of the lifecycle. In addition, this support our environmental awareness, since the components can be reused, recycled, and deposited in an environmentally responsible manner.

"The new take-back program is directly associated with our new focus on circular economy."
//Jesper Blaabjerg

Henceforward the development of new products will has a CO2 friendly starting point with focusing on prolonging the lifetime of the products. This means that we have to rethink our environmental impact when developing new products.

Furthermore, we have begun a design collaboration with Hans Thyge & Co. regarding a new assortment with design-oriented products within our existing niche. Jesper Blaabjerg is expecting to get these new products labelled, if possible, which has been integrated into the design phase.

Besides these substantial initiatives, the Rethink Business project has made us reevaluate our everyday processes such as packaging. Previously, our packaging has been bleached, whitened, and brightened, which will be replaced by environmentally-friendly brown cardboard boxes.

The Rethink Business project has, besides the benefits, provided PJ Production with clarity in terms of perceiving the company more critically. We have formulated some parameters in order to guide new initiatives within the company. As an example, all new designs must be developed with a sustainable point of view.

"What can our products contain? What is the smoothest way of getting our products labelled? Can our products be reused, recycled, or deposited in an environmentally responsible manner?"
//Jesper Blaabjerg


PJ Production is an international company with big ambitions ready to optimize our collaborators' and clients' businesses, regardless of the size of the project. You can always expect to receive quality products from us, - standard products as well as specially produced products. 


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