Earlier this month, PJ Production was interviewed by the Danish media Midtjyllands Avis regarding our sustainable engagement within a market with constantly changes.  

PJ Production was established in year 1997, and has since the beginning designed, developed, and produced office accessories products for the modern working environment. Accordingly, our assortment consist of drawers for personal belongings, mounting devices for monitors, innovative holders for the coffee-cup and mobile phone, among other working oriented accessories. In briefly, products for optimizing the workday and supporting the clean-desk policy. As manufacturing company we take our social responsibilities very seriously by working structured with our environmental footprint, which is the ready why we yearly present a CSR-report. Our social responsibility strategy intents to increase the productivity and life-quality through sustainability and circular products. Following that, PJ Production would like to contribute to UN Global #12 - Responsible Consumption & Production.

"We take our social responsibility very seriously, and we will be a part of creating the future sustainable working environment."
// Danny Jensen, sales director & partner

We are continuously working with development and production of environmentally-friendly products. Besides initiatives associated with sustainable materials, we have been focusing on creating and structuring our sustainable operations. The sustainable development is represented by our digital office without physical paper, our CO2-friendly website, and our FSC-certificate promotion material. Additionally, we have decreased our weekly shipments to two times per week. Lastly, we have changes all light bulbs to LED, installed light sensors in all relevant rooms, and use natural gas to heat up our facilities. 

During the last couple of years, we have focused on developing new products produced in bamboo instead of steel as our preferred material. Bamboo is the most environmentally-friendly resource to sustainability and durability due to its green growth, sustainable harvesting, and wood-like properties.

"Sustainability skills and environmental awareness is a priority in PJ Production."
// Danny Jensen, sales director & partner

Working structured with sustainability has become a part of the identity of PJ Production. We take our social responsibilities very seriously, - internally and externally, which is the major part of our sustainable operations. Additionally, the economical aspect is also considerable. We currently experience an increasing demand from our collaborators and clients regarding our climate, - and environmental awareness. These demands comes from our Danish collaborators and clients as well as our international collaborators and clients. As respond to these demands, we support the market with our CSR reports in order to maintain the close collaboration with our existing collaborators and clients, - Danish as well as international clients. 

"We want to enable our collaborators and clients to make more sustainable choices."
// Danny Jensen, sales director & partner

Just looking two years back, we did not have any strategy associated with sustainability. Currently, we are rethinking all our processes with a sustainable point of view. This development has moved our entire organistion, - including employees, to new, sustainable heights. Our new initiatives can also be felt externally, where we have an attractive collaborator due to our sustainable trade and production. The process is dynamic and we are consistently setting up new goals in order to be first movers in a market with constantly changes. 

"Bamboo was only the first step. The next step is felt of 70% recycled plastic."
// Danny Jensen, sales director & partner

We have begun a design collaboration with Hans Thyge & Co. regarding a new and circular collection to the modern working environment. The collection with contain bamboo products, but we are also focusing on a new and innovative material not seen before in the assortment of PJ Production. A felt drawer will be included in the new collection. The felt drawer will be designed and produced in felt made of 70% recycled plastic benefiting the environment. We truly believes that this will be a groundbreaking initiative taking the climates current problem with plastic into consideration. We can definitely see the challenges connected to this, but we are convinced that our collaborators and clients understands the value and importance of our new initiatives. 


PJ Production is an international company with big ambitions ready to optimize our collaborators' and clients' businesses, regardless of the size of the project. You can always expect to receive quality products from us, - standard products as well as specially produced products. 


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