As technology evolves, we are experiencing an increasing trend / demand for a smart and user-friendly storage of both portable and USBC Dock. We have therefore developed “Chamber”, which is mounted under the desk, adapted to both small and large workstations. 

Chamber is a solution that is easily accessible when you need to “plug” yourself and your laptop into the day’s work. The USBC dock is attached and above is a small shelf where you slide your laptop in.

You can read more about which laptop sizes we can accommodate under variants and dimensions.


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Chamber is located accessible under the table, where you can easily connect cables to and from the docking solution, as well as place your laptop on the shelf above. 

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The solution comes with a cable hanger at the back and a small magnet to keep your USBC cable in place.

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Under variants and dimensions, we recommend laptop size, docking solution etc. If you have other needs, we can always make a special order.


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Item no: 4235-9005

Laptop: 15 inches

Inner dimensions: H: 18 mm. // W: 350 mm. // D: 240 mm.

Dimensions of dock solution: 194 – 240 mm. 

Laptop: 13 inches

Inner dimensions:: H: 210 mm. // W: 310 mm. // D: 18 mm.

Dimensions of dock solution: 164 mm & 215 mm.

NOTE. Minimum 33 cm. for saw / base on the desk.


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Chamber Dock & laptop holder is available in Black: RAL 9005

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Chamber Dock and laptop holder are produced in black metal, lacquered in a black powder coating.

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All our products consist of few combinations of material and can therefore be easily disassembled. This means that defective parts can be easily replaced and after the end of their lifespan, all parts can be sorted and recycled separately.


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Here you have access to our catalog of product images, which you can freely use in web shops, campaigns, magazines and on websites. All rights are reserved to PJ Production and the images must be used in the right context.

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If you need line drawings, we have prepared a product sheet for the individual product, where you will find all the information you need in one combined PDF.

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Find installation instructions here:

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Most products from our range can be found in pCon planner, a 3D interior design program. The program is free and can be easily downloaded to your PC.




Free seating requires a solution where the height and angle of the monitor easily can be adjusted, as multiple employees share the same workstation. The monitor solution is with gas springs, which ensures you an easy and weightless height adjustment.


The felt cable tray is a good choice when you want to incorporate circular material into the interior. At the same time as a greener choice, you get an aesthetic cable tray that fits into the modern office environment.


This drawer comes with a lock, pull-out for cables and a lot of extras such as; insert for writing instruments, ventilation to keep the temperature down and soft close.


PJ Production is an international company with big ambitions ready to optimize our collaborators' and clients' businesses, regardless of the size of the project. You can always expect to receive quality products from us, - standard products as well as specially produced products. 


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