Wings is optimal if your are looking for a solution for a setup for three monitors. 

Wings only has one monitor pole in the centre, which saves a lot of space on the desk. The pole can either be fitted with a through-desk mount, to achieve the best stability, while the cables can be routed directly through the pole and down through the table top. 

If you are in doubt about which monitor solution suits your needs, read our guide HERE..


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Wings with three vesas and three extension arms


Horizontal pole:: 984 mm.
Vertical pole:: 450 mm.
Extension arm: 2 x 334 mm. & 1 x 70 mm.
Dimensions for the drill/hole: Ø72 mm.


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Wings embraces the clean desk policy, as the monitor solution has integrated storage, thus reducing visible wires and cables behind the screen. 

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Wings create full flexibility and maximum use of space based on a centered desk clamp or through-desk mount, as desired. For this solution, however, we would always recommend a table through-desk mount.


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Wings can carry a maximum of three monitors of 27 inches, 8 kg each. Or two screens of 32 inches, 16 kg each. 

The heavy monitors, however, require a larger vesa bracket/tilt bracket than those sent out as standard. Please inquire if anything else is desired.

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Wings are available in one version, where the screen pillar itself is in aluminum and with a black plastic cover, while the associated extension links are exclusively aluminium.

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All our products consist of few combinations of material and can therefore be easily disassembled. This means that defective parts can be easily replaced and after the end of their lifespan, all parts can be sorted and recycled separately.




Free seating requires a solution where the height and angle of the monitor easily can be adjusted, as multiple employees share the same workstation. Here is a Monitor pole the ideal choice. The monitor solution is with gas springs, which ensures you an easy and weightless height adjustment. The monitors have full 360 degree rotation and can tilt 86 degrees up, as well as 15 degrees down.


If it is a solution for three monitors, it requires more of the foundation for the monitors, so that they remain stable, despite increased weight. Our monitor solution Wings is mounted on the table via a simple column. Horizontally, the three monitors are mounted with brackets that continue to make them as flexible as our other monitor solutions.


If you have a desk with an acoustic wall, Complete is the solution. The monitor pole is placed completely slim against the back table wall. That way you don't lose space. With Complete for one or two monitors, you get maximum comfort and accessibility, as the monitor(s) have full rotation, optimal tilt options, - both up and down, as well as height adjustment.